Author Topic: Taking vitamins versus eating fresh fruits and veggies.....  (Read 6716 times)

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Taking vitamins versus eating fresh fruits and veggies.....
« on: March 12, 2008, 11:42:22 AM »
We touched on this topic in another thread while discussing the pomegranate. I was curious after reading that conversation so I thought I would start a separate thread on the topic where we could continually post what we discover ourselves through at home experimentation with foods, or plop any info that we find and read about on the internet in regards to good vs bad vits, and vits versus eating better.
Most of us arrive here with a child who has poor eating habits, as Tigger did last year before we started down this road.
So I guess the goal of this thread is to gather good information about vits and foods and help each other to get our kids to start eating the stuff that will help overall nervous system function. So thanks, Tami, for your pomegranate comment.... It may turn into a major thread someday!

I will start with a short article I found that argues why whole foods are better than vitamins and why this is so:
Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency and Why Vitamin Pills Are Not Enough

I agree with this statement. I am not sure I agree 100% with everything he states on his website, but I do agree that synthetic vitamins are bad. In our personal experience it was the vitamin regiment that turned things around for us initially. The vitamins are necessary and useful when you have a body that is very much depleted of necessary nutrients, especially when you are dealing with depression and mood disorders (pyroluria). Until the tissues are adequately saturated again with nutrients the vitamins do make a world of difference. But, having said that, I think that real food is 100% better than vitamins. That should be the ultimate goal, getting our kids to eat better. But it doesn't happen overnight. So that is why a good vitamin supplement program is needed to help the kids initially feel better.
Also, I have to point out that his site is an advertisement for a whole food supplement (which I am not advocating, I have never used it), but I like the premise of what he is saying, how the whole food has synergistic qualities that are absent in vitamins. I recently read Michael Pollen's new book and he reiterated that very same point. So Tami's pomegranate experience also proves the premise---- there is something else in a pomegranate that gets that B6 to her son's brain-- an antioxidant that is not present in a vitamin B6 pill.
Hm! Food for thought!